Some of My Work

She Stoops to Conquer

She Stoops To Conquer refers to the Goldsmith comedy. But also however to the provocative/voyeuristic experience common in soft porn and elsewhere. I tried to recover this voyeuristic zap in an assemblage of bits of timber and broken furniture, including some bits from friends’ studios I surrounded it with wall pieces painted on plastic plates. It worked well with lots of resonances from modernity and a touch of junk pile sleaze.

Ron Kitaj lamented that his work could never achieve the instant impact of cheap porn. I will keep on trying.

These first shots are of joint show in mid-year, with Martin Heine the Kurb.

P1010993 P1010992 P1010980 P1010964 P1010959

The last two shots are of a show from 2012, also with Martin at the KURB.

P1000287 P1000269